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a site for cultural exchange and contemporary sustainability 

in the countryside of Lisbon 

villa villa is a sustainable art residency programme taking place in a newly renovated farm house in the countryside of Lisbon, Portugal, dedicated to supporting contemporary artists, curators, writers and thinkers. Organised around the principles of sustainable living, the residency encourages participants to engage with the region’s local and rural context and strives towards having a neutral impact.

villa villa is a space that facilitates research, production and presentation of artistic practices outside of the urban context, while fostering relationships and collaborations both nationally and internationally. It aims to participate in the creation of new contemporary experiences built on social and environmental interaction.

With a programme of open-ended art residencies, exhibitions, talks, workshops, and culinary food-based research, villa villa aims to stimulate dialogue around contemporary issues and seeks to create a community of ecologically sensitive and environmentally respectful creative professionals.

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