We aim to create a safe and sustainable place for art practitioners to engage with ideas of contemporary sustainability and to grow as a community that care for people and planet. 

Working with like-minded art organisations, we seek to be an active player in the greening movement of the arts and culture sector.

We believe that together we can make a difference and drive change to ensure a sustainable future based on social and environmental justice. 


villa villa presents the idea of contemporary sustainability as a sustainability that considers all the on-going challenges surrounding our ability to maintain ourselves over time.


We recognise the urgency to address the interconnectedness of current environmental, social and economic issues and we condemn the anthropocentric view of destructive global power structures.


We support ideas of deep ecology, intersectional environmentalism, ecofeminisms, and other timely movements that contribute to the creation of environmental sustainability and environmental justice. 

This means that we share the eco-anxiety and climate grief surrounding current biodiversity loss, habitat destruction, rising sea levels and other environmental damage and ecological disasters caused by the overexploitation of natural resources.


Yet, we believe in the capacity of the arts and culture sector to build a new narrative towards a more sustainable post-capitalocene world.

Through a programme of open-ended art residencies, exhibitions, talks, workshops, and culinary food-based research, villa villa seeks to:

— Contribute to the development of new environmentally and socially sensitive art practices that are ethical and climate-conscious,

— Engage with ideas of slow, sustainable living and making,

— Reduce / improve our environmental and social impact,

— Inspire other individuals to join our actions.


Our approach to environmental sustainability has been to adopt practices that are respectful of the environment.

Our residency site will be renovated and furnished with an effort to achieve a neutral ecological footprint and the daily life of our programme follows the principle of sustainable living.

​We believe in our ability to question ourselves and in the importance of participating in collective discussions and debates in order to continuously improve our practices.


We are committed to being transparent about our actions and to regularly sharing our progress with the public. 


We aim to create an environment that promotes inclusion and that facilitates conditions for participants to access a sense of belonging, participation and empowerment.

We aim to be accessible and to engage with creatives from different backgrounds, who are at different stages of their ecological transition.


We put wellbeing, solidarity and collective consciousness first.

sustainability & inclusivity: