villa villa is a sustainable art residency programme taking place in a newly renovated farm house in the countryside of Lisbon dedicated to supporting contemporary artists, curators, writers, thinkers, and other cultural and environmental practitioners.

Steeped in local history and natural beauty, villa villa offers a unique environment for creative practitioners across all disciplines to focus on their work while being immersed in a rural setting.


Residents have access to indoor and outdoor workspaces equipped with a well-stocked tool kit that can accommodate various artistic practices.

The residency aims to facilitate exchanges with Lisbon’s flourishing art scene in order to forge new relationships for artists. We organise tours of galleries, museums and artist-run spaces and we hosts a programme of regular talks, workshops and other public events that run alongside the residency programme.

Participants are invited to share the result of their time spent at villa villa in the framework of an on-site end-of-residency exhibition or presentation. In addition to this, every three months, villa villa curates an online exhibition presenting the work of recent participants.


Each resident is accommodated in a comfortable double bedroom with a direct view of the countryside. Participants share a kitchen, dining area and bathroom.

Spotted with fruit trees, part of the garden has been designed as a vegetable garden following the principles of permaculture. Visitors are encouraged to engage with the cultivation of sustainable food.

Residents are also welcomed to participate in the production of organic bread and pizza in the residency’s micro bakery, where local and international food professionals are invited to experiment with new climate-friendly techniques and seasonal recipes.

During the residency, we often explore the act of communal eating as a vehicle for discussion and exchange, a catalyst for the sharing of ideas and creative possibilities.


The residency is open to contemporary artists, curators, writers and thinkers who wish to use this time to develop their practice, through research or production, while exploring ideas of contemporary sustainability.​

We welcome responsible art practitioners who share our values:

— We encourage proposals from these interested in connecting with each other through learning, making and questioning.

— We encourage open discussion concerning working methods and promote critical discourse through the sharing of ideas.

— We believe in the transference of skills, in collaborative problem solving, and in caring for people and planet.


Our residency programme runs throughout the year. Each month, four participants are selected by open call or by invitation for a period of one to three months.

Residents are selected based on their artistic work, CV, proposal for the residency and alignment with villa villa’s values.

how to apply:

Information about how and when to apply coming soon, please stay tuned for our future open calls through our newsletter or social media.